Sale to Sea Itinerary

  Day 1 –  Sale to Seacombe All participants and support teams to meet at the Gippsland Kayak Club on the Longford road, Sale, at 7.00am for briefing and preparation of equipment and kayaks.   Participants to ensure that all safety equipment, sunscreen, headwear and Hydration packs are aboard their kayaks before launch with all boats & kayaks commencing launch procedures by 7.30am for a 8am departure.  All kayakers to obey direction of supporting boat crews and land based support teams. Recommended material and Equipment to be carried in each kayak include:
  • Sunscreen
  • Hydration pack or adequate water and/or energy drink supplies.
  • Sufficient headwear for protection from sun
  • Suitable eye-wear. (Suggest that participants have sunglasses for protection against glare).
  • PFD – Personal Flotation Device that suits activity and is required by law.  Failure to wear will exclude any participation in the Challenge
  • Suitable clothing in case of capsize.  Be realistic in what you wear as heavy clothing may result in placing you and those around you in danger if you enter the water unexpectedly.  One change of dry clothing to be placed on supporting craft that will be accompanying kayakers.
  • Adequate footwear
  • Small torch
Depart the kayak club at 8am and travel 17km to the Morass boat Ramp at the mouth of the Latrobe River for 1hr lunch break and rest stop.  Depart the river mouth at 12pm and traverse Lake Wellington via Tucker Point and the routes indicated on Support Boat Maps with preference in following south east shoreline.  Distance from shoreline will depend on prevailing wind conditions.  A short break will be taken at the mouth of the McLennan Straits at Plover Point before commencing final leg of today’s trip finishing at Seacombe Lodge for first nights stopover.  First nights accommodation at the Seacombe Lodge is provided as part of entry and will comprise of camping in tents and indoor facilities provided by the Seacombe Lodge. Estimated length of travel today is 40-45km. Any soreness or injury from today’s leg to be reported to the Lead Kayaker, Andrew Bedggood or Chief Boat Captain, so that attending medical personnel can review.  All recommendations made by supporting medical teams will be final.   Day 2 – Seacombe to Paynesville All rise at 6am for breakfast and briefing of today’s leg of the Challenge.  All boats and equipment to be ready for an 8am departure. Depart Seacombe Boat ramp at 8am continuing down McLennan Straits to Holland’s Landing for a short break and changeover of Relay participants. Pods of dolphins can often be seen playing in this area and cause a lot of excitement as they are known to come close to the kayaks. On entering Lake Victoria we will head to Loch Sport via Red Bluff Camp and Waverly Point where we will stop for lunch before heading along the southern shoreline along Sperm Whale Head before crossing to northern Shoreline and entering Paynesville for second nights stop. Today’s route may vary depending on weather conditions.  Today’s journey – 40km Accommodation in Paynesville is the responsibility of the participants with a list of accommodation available in Participants Information package.  Captains Cove hosts, Chris and Tamara Cook, are always willing to assist with participants accommodation needs.   Day 3 – Paynesville to Metung Today’s leg of our journey will be more relaxed with a departure at 10am following morning briefing and boat and equipment check.  On departing Paynesville, participants will paddle along the northern coast line of Raymond Island before crossing Lake King heading towards Metung.  This part of the journey maybe affected by tidal conditions that are present around Shaving Point. – Total distance today being 16-20km. Today’s journey will end at The Moorings at Metung which has been a huge supporter of the event thanks to hosts, Jim and Barb Delaney.  Their support since the first Sale to Sea Challenge has been greatly appreciated and it is the goal of Sale to Sea to grow this relationship further for the success of the event.  Participants have the option of attending a barbecue or dining at the Metung Pub located a short distance from where the day’s stage finishes.  A list of available accommodation is provided in the Participants Information package and kayakers are encouraged to support those who have supported the Challenge.   Day 4 – Metung to Lakes Entrance (The Sea) Participants will leave Metung at 10am heading towards Lakes Entrance visiting the Gnome Township along the way.  While paddling north towards Lakes Entrance, participants will enjoy the wildlife along the way that live on the islands that dot Reeves Channel.  This leg of the journey is heavily affected by tidal conditions and the planned route will depend on today’s tide times.  All kayakers on entering the North Arm at Lakes Entrance will wait there until all participants have arrived so that we all finish as a group.  This is not a race and there will be no winners and the only victory we will celebrate is one of accomplishment and achieving our personal best.  Total distance today 10-15km.  Estimated time of arrival – 1.30pm Tonight we will all meet at the Lakes Entrance Bowls Club to celebrate our victory over adversity.